Congratulations to Luba Petrash and Stephan Koch on World Art Ice Championships Entry

Luba Petrash and Stephan Koch Competing in the World Ice Art Championships

Congratulations to GRCC’s ATC Head Banquet Chef Luba Petrash and GRCC Alumni Stephan Koch on placing eighth out of 28 teams in the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska in the “Single Block – Abstract” category. The two competed against teams from around the world (a Russian team took first place) in carving 8′ x 5′ x 3′ blocks of ice into works of art.

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Fascinating facts about the competition:

  • The blocks of ice used for the competition weigh 7,200 lbs each and are mined from a local lake.
  • There were 50 teams total in the “Single Block” competition, 28 of which competed in the “Abstract” category.
  • The competition takes place over 60 hours  (3 days) during which competitors can carve around the clock if they wish.
  • During one day of the competition, the temperature dropped to -35 degrees Fahrenheit, which mean frequent trips to the warming area to dry off the gloves that become soaked during the process.

Not only does Luba oversee the delicious food at the ATC, she also teaches an ice carving class as an adjunct faculty member of GRCC’s Secchia Institute for Culinary education and is a former coach of GRCC’s Ice Carving Team.

Stephan Koch is an alumni of GRCC’s culinary program and owns his own ice carving business in Indiana; the “Indiana Ice Studio” (

Congratulations to Luba and Stephan for putting GRCC on the world stage!

IIPD Grant Applications Due March 25, 2011

The deadline for submission of grant applications for the Instructional Improvement & Professional Development (IIPD) program is 4:30 p.m., March 25, 2011. Please note that the IIPD Guidelines and all application forms have been revised . The revised application packet and Guidelines are available in the IIPD and SSPD Grants section of the Grants Office website at Applications should be delivered to the GRCC Foundation Office, 1st floor, College Park Plaza. If you have any questions about IIPD grants, please contact Judith Larsen, Director of Grants and Resource Development at 234-3910 or at

Want Timely Updates About the Status of GRCC During Severe Weather? – Sign up for Text Message Alerts

Why are you waiting around in the morning watching a scrolling marquee on your TV to find out if GRCC is open or closed?  Sign up for emergency text message alerts!

Getting notification via text messages is superior to using the local media – here’s why:

  1. Text Messages are Faster: during the last inclement weather cancelation, users subscribed to the text messages/emails received them at 5:46 a.m. – even though that information was sent to the local media around the same time, some news outlets didn’t air it until 6:47 a.m.
  2. Text Messages are More Accurate: just like the child’s game “telephone” – the more people a message goes through, the more chances it has to be misheard or misinterpreted. Text messages come directly from college leadership.

Using Rave Wireless, you can opt to receive either a text message OR an email OR BOTH.  (The college is also looking into providing robo-calls as yet another option).

GRCC will still notify the local media for those who don’t have Internet Access or Cell Phones – but the Emergency Planning Team wants to make sure you have access to this information as quickly as it can be provided.

Compensation Study Info Session for Union Employees

On Monday, March 14th, Mark Nottley will present to the GRCC union employee groups an overview of his work on the compensation study.  His presentation will be in 168 ATC (Auditorium) and will be held from 10:30am – noon.  This session is open to any employees who wish to attend.

(We will ask our Media department to record the session for those who are unable to attend.)