Thank You to Adjunct Recruitment Event Volunteers

On Saturday, May 21st Grand Rapids Community College hosted an Adjunct Event to provide the community and others from the surrounding area of what it’s like to be an Adjunct at GRCC. A HUGE Thank You to the following staff members who participated to make this event a success! Thank You!

Aaron Chew, Aleta Anderson, Becky Yoder, Bob Leunk, Brent Spitler, Cathy Wilson, Cheryl Floyd, Christine Davis, Dennis Sutton, Derek DeVries, Diane Sparks, Faye Davis, Felix Pereiro, Glenn Gelderloos, Heather Forrest, Jan Benham, Janice Balyeat, Jennifer Batten, Jessica Berens, Jim Fox, John Beadling, Kara Longacre, Kellie Welch, Kim Brems, Lisa Donaldson, Lisa Snider, Nhan Nguyen, Paula Sullivan, Rachel Paulucci, Sang Lee, Shanna Golf, Steve Abid, Steve Brozek, and Susan Wallsteadt

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