Staff Development Offers New Wellness Courses

Staff Development is proud to bring you four NEW Wellness professional development courses. Following the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, these sessions are just the beginning of a healthier life. Health and Education Professionals from the Grand Rapids area will provide training in the following areas:

Stress Reduction through Meditation
Facilitated by: Russell Pitts aka Sunim of the Grand Rapids Zen Center. Sunim married, a father of five adult children and the grandfather of six. He is a former Navel officer. attorney, as well as a college and high school teacher.

Friday September 30, 2011 9 – 10 AM
Friday November 4, 2011 2 – 3 PM

Dispelling Myths of HIV/AIDS
Facilitated by: Ruth Bell Olsson Board of Directors of the Grand Rapids Red Project. The Grand Rapids Red Project is comprised of community members who are passionate advocates and activists in the fight against HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and the harmful or risky choices that help spread these life-altering medical conditions.

Tuesday October 18, 2011 10 AM – 12 PM

Personal Self Defense
Facilitated by: Sherman McElwee from Elite Karate and Fitness In the summer of 1969 after a personal attack, Sherman decided to pursue self-defense as a means to protect himself. Elite Karate and Fitness offers kick boxing, personal training, and offers wellness coaching, It serves a clientele from very young to more seasoned adults. Sherman instills the values of respect, self-control, self-confidence, and discipline within his students. For a complete biography go to

Each session is 2 parts

Wednesday September 28 and October 5, 2011 10 – 11:30 AM
Wednesday November 9 and November 16, 2011 2 – 3:30 PM

Power of Gratitude
Facilitated by: Steve Glass PhD Grand Valley State University Associate Dean, College of Interdisciplinary Studies ( )
Interim Chair, Department of Liberal Studies ( )
ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist
Full Professor, Department of Movement Science at Grand Valley State University.

Thursday October 6, 2011 10 – 11:30 AM

Course descriptions and registration may be accessed at


  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Stretching

Nutrition Courses including:

  • Raw Foods,
  • Smoothies Detoxing

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