GRCC In the News, 1-14-16

Business leaders in the news

Jan. 13, 2016; The Detroit Free Press

… Grand Rapids Community College received a $45,000 grant from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation to develop certification programs in the high-growth fields of logistics and industrial sewing. A previous grant from JPMorgan Chase allowed GRCC to pilot an industrial sewing program in 2014.

TRiO Fundraiser – Thank you from Haiti

The TRiO Peer Mentors want to thank the GRCC community again for your support in our donut and apple sale at the end of November. Your generosity raised over $900, which has sponsored our student through ninth grade. From Kisten Olsen, Director of Student Sponsorship at the The Power of Education Foundation:

“Thank you for renewing your sponsorship of Mikerlange Abraham! Your support gives Mikerlange an opportunity that half of the children in Haiti do not have – the opportunity to go to school. Research indicates that for every year Mikerlange attends school, she increases her potential earning power as an adult and the likelihood that her own future children will be healthier and better educated. Literacy opens doors for children like Mikerlange to become productive, contributing members of their communities. Thanks to your generous donation, Mikerlange is able to live a healthier and more secure life. We appreciate your continued support of Mikerlange and The Power of Education Foundation!”

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