Policies updated

The following policies have been updated or added and recently approved:

February and April 2018 Policy Meetings

9.10 Contributions to the College

  • Updated web address for Donations of Material and Equipment form
  • Clarified procedure for donors wishing to designate a gift to a specific department or division and acknowledgement of that gift.

11.19 Lobbying – no changes

11.20 Supplanting of Federal Funds – no changes

14.10 Service Animals

  • IX.A: Definition of Service Animal: streamlined definition for readability and to comply more accurately with state of the law.
  • IX.A: Miniature Horse requests: Clarified requests for Miniature Horses should be filtered through DSS for assessment per policy
  • X.A: Registration for Service Animals: Added optional registration for service animals, including option of ID tag if desired.
  • X.C: Student Code of Conduct: Added section providing disruptions could result in violation of Student Code.
  • X.D: Permissible Questions: Clarified this section to make it more readable.
  • X.E: Allergies: Added section indicating anyone in need of accommodation (including for allergy) would reach out to DSS or Director of EO Compliance for accommodations.
  • X.F: Criteria for Removal: Added section (3), providing that animal may be removed for behavior indicating that animal is not sufficiently trained.

14.2 Firearms, Explosives or Weapons

  1. Procedures – made “How to handle a situation where they see someone with a gun or other weapon” more concise.

11.7 Disposal of Surplus, Used or Obsolete Furniture & Equipment

  • IX. – updated definition of “surplus, used and/or obsolete items”
  • X.E. – added that IT is responsible for securely deleting data from computers

11.8 Investment – no changes

11.15 Purchasing

  • III D. Board Authorization – updated quote amounts to reflect changes in federal law
  • III G. – Added procedure for Competitive Proposals
  • III N. Accessibility – added Director of EO Compliance contact information
  • Updated websites throughout

For more information, visit the policy website.

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