Help identify students to join the GRCC Honors Program

A photograph of a female instructor working with a female student in the Honors program.

The Honors Program is a small community of highly motivated students who want more out of their college experience. Success in this program is not only measured by academic performance, degree completion or transfer, it includes building collaborative relationships with faculty and peers.  Students gain a competitive edge through the development of strong leadership, research and service-learning skills.

Students begin the program every fall by taking Honors 101, a 1-credit course offered in a 7-week format.  The next section starts Wednesday, October 17.

Program Benefits:

  • Unique opportunities to learn alongside influential college and community leaders.
  • The opportunity to create a collaborative research project.
  • A dedicated advisor to help you develop a clear pathway to degree completion and/or a successful transfer to a four-year institution.
  • A competitive edge for transfer and employment applications upon completion.
  • Scholarship award for program completion (up to $500).


Application Process:

Students may submit applications online at

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