CCID Scholarships Available to Faculty for Annual Conference

Once again CCID is able to offer scholarships to U.S. community college faculty to attend the CCID 35th Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, February 26-March 1, 2011, as a result of the generous support of three CIBER’s (Center’s for International Business Education and Research) at Penn, Columbia, and Temple Universities.  If you have any questions, please contact Aleta Anderson at X4879.

The following criteria must be met by the Applicant:

  • Full-time faculty will be from Business Programs (International Business), or other professional studies or technical disciplines (IT, Design, Automotive, Heath Science, STEM Science, Other).
  • Faculty employed full-time at community and technical colleges anywhere in the U.S.A. are eligible to apply.
  • Faculty applying will NOT have attended a CCID Conference in the past.
  • Conference attendance is to support a new or ongoing effort in the internationalization of respective curricula.

Workforce Training: Business Skills Series

GRCC’s Workforce Training department is now offering a “Business Skills Series” intended to help businesses succeed by closing the knowledge gap in the areas of accounting, budgeting, reporting, and financials. GRCC offers this special series specifically designed to help small businesses be even better. These workshops are scheduled in short, easy-to-attend sessions, taught by seasoned entrepreneurs.  [More Info (.pdf)]

Students can sign up for individual courses ($99/ea) OR sign up for all eight (for $650) and receive a Certificate in Small Business Accounting.  Courses include:

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Setting up QuickBooks
  • Money In / Receipts, Payments, Deposits, and More
  • Money Out / Bills, Checks, Credit Cards, and More
  • Manual Payroll for Beginners
  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • QuickBooks Inventory & Special Incomes
  • QuickBooks Reporting and More

To sign up, visit

Mock the Vote: 10/25/10-10/29/10

The purpose of the mock election is to promote civic responsibility, remind students to vote in the upcoming election on November 2nd, and to test Student Congress’ new on-line voting system ahead of the first-annual campus-wide election Student Congress Elections scheduled for the Spring of 2011.

GRCC students will have a chance to cast their vote for the various candidates, referendums, and voter initiatives as they will appear… on the ballot when voters head to the polls on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

In an effort to increase student participation and awareness of Student Congress-lead efforts on campus, the Executive Board has determined the installation of a campus-wide voting system to be necessary. The mock election is the first test deployment of this system. Students will voluntarily conduct this election in an effort to test the logistical feasibility of offering the students a chance to directly elect their student leaders.

Where to Vote

Beginning at 12AM, Monday –October 25th– students can cast their “absentee” vote 24 hours a day on BlackBoard. Additionally the polling locations will be operational from 8AM-8PM, October 25-29 at the following locations;

Main Campus

– 4th Floor Entrance, Main Building
– 2nd Floor Entrance, ATC Building
– Atrium, Tassell M-TEC

Lakeshore Campus

– Lobby, Midtown Center
– Atrium, Thompson M-TEC
– Atrium, GVSU Meijer Campus
Byron Center Regional Campus
– Main Entrance, Byron Center Admin Building
Wealthy Learning Corner
Westside Learning Corner


Voters and volunteers qualify for exciting incentives. Students who cast their ballot will automatically be entered in a lottery in which they have the opportunity to win gift cards worth $20 virtually anywhere. The lottery is limited to 10 winners.

Additional incentives exist for students interested in participating as an election volunteer. Volunteers will receive a free, limited print, T-shirt commemorating their service as an official “Mock the Vote 2010” pollster.

Great American Smokeout 11/18/10 – What Happens When you Quit

The WE Team will be providing information to encourage students and employees to quit smoking on Thursday, November 18 as part of the Great American Smokeout. Every Thursday leading up to this event, information will be shared to prepare smokers to give up cigarettes or family members and friends of smokers to provide support to those who quit whether it is for this one day or for good.

What happens after you quit smoking?  After…

* 20 minutes: Your heart rate and blood pressure drops
* 3 hours: 70% of the nicotine in your body has left
* 12 hours: Your carbon monoxide level drops to normal
* 72 hours: All nicotine has left your body
* 2 weeks to 3 months: Circulation improves. Withdrawal symptoms fade. Lung function increases. Stained teeth get whiter. Yellow fingers and nails disappear. Sense of smell returns to normal. Hair and clothes smell better. Food starts to taste better. Complexion improves. Sleep great and more energy. Money starts to add up
* 9 months: Cough decreases and cilia regain normal function reducing the risk of infection
* 12 months: The excess risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smokers
* 5 years: Your stroke risk is reduced to that of a non-smokers
* 10 years: The risk of related cancer is decreased by over 50%
* 15 years: The risk of coronary disease is that of a non-smokers