GRCC In the News, 7-10-15

Wayne Hill (newsletter for Encore)

In 1972 I dropped out of high school and started working in the auto industry in Detroit, Michigan. I worked at General Motors 25 years, retiring in 2009 as a production technician.

… After my retirement, at age 56, I heard about a union program that would help pay college tuition, so I took advantage of this at Grand Rapids Community College. I did courses in computer skills, writing, math and reading and it helped me to overcome some of my fears about continuing on to college.

Select group receives top undergraduate honor for 2015

May 1, 2015; Western Michigan University newsletter

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Forty-six students in Western Michigan University’s 6,067-member senior class have been named a 2015 Presidential Scholar.

… Charles A. Martin is the Presidential Scholar in Political Science. Martin is a graduate of Kelloggsville High School who attended Grand Rapids Community College. He is majoring in political science with a concentration in public law and expects to graduate in May 2015. In fall 2015, Martin will be attending Harvard Law School, where he will be studying finance, community economic development and corporate law. Ultimately, he hopes to develop innovative strategies for investment and wealth creation, with the goal of spreading prosperity. Martin is particularly interested in issues related to expanding access to financial markets, promoting economic liberty and potential shifts in federal tax policy.

… Katelin N. Johnson is the Presidential Scholar in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Johnson is a graduate of East Kentwood High School who attended Grand Rapids Community College. She is majoring in environmental studies and geography and expects to graduate in May 2015. Following graduation, Johnson plans to work at Natures Classroom in the New England area. While there, she will teach children about nature and conduct simple biological experiments with them.

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